SF9 – 운명론 (Fatalism) (prod. by ZUHO)





그게 꿈이었다 말해
뒤돌아 떠나버린 네게
하늘을 마주해 앉아 너를 그려내 본다
그 주위엔 싸늘한 시선만

넌 왜 내게 마지막 잎새가 되어
이리 내 눈엔 눈물만 남기고 싶었던가요
아니 흘리게 두고선 지나간 조각이 되길 넌
바랬던 것인가요

Oh 난 그늘에 기대

흐릿해져 간 눈앞
난 안 보일까 두려워

It’s coming true yeah
정해진 운명론처럼
붙잡아 날 아니 난
깨질 수 없단 걸 알아

It’s coming true yeah
너와 난 운명론처럼
붙잡아 널 아니 넌
떠나야만 할 걸 알아

너와 난 운명론처럼
너와 난
떠나야만 할 걸 알아

geuge kkumieotda malhae
dwidora tteonabeorin nege
haneureul majuhae anja neoreul geuryeonae bonda
geu juwien ssaneulhan siseonman

neon wae naege majimak ipsaega doeeo
iri nae nunen nunmulman namgigo sipeotdeongayo
ani heullige dugoseon jinagan jogagi doegil neon
baraetdeon geosingayo

Oh nan geuneure gidae
heurithaejyeo gan nunap
nan an boilkka duryeowo

It’s coming true yeah
jeonghaejin unmyeongroncheoreom
butjaba nal ani nan
kkaejil su eoptdan geol ara

It’s coming true yeah
neowa nan unmyeongroncheoreom
butjaba neol ani neon
tteonayaman hal geol ara

neowa nan unmyeongroncheoreom
neowa nan
tteonayaman hal geol ara

Tell me that that was a dream
To you, who turned around and left me
I face the sky and sit as I picture you
But only cold stares surround that place

Why did you become my last leaf 
Did you want to leave only tears in my eyes like this
Or were you hoping to
Leave them falling and become a piece of the past

Oh I lean in the shade
My eyesight’s getting blurry
I’m worried I won’t be able to see it

It’s coming true yeah
Like fixed fatalism
Hold onto me, no
I know we can’t break

It’s coming true yeah
You and I, like fatalism
Hold onto you, no,
I know you have to leave

You and I, like fatalism
You and I
I know you have to leave

Hangul: Zuho (Soundcloud)
Romanization: Bri
Translation: @inseongface (Twitter)
Color Code: Bri

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