Please read – site update

Hello hello everyone!

This post is just a quick update about what’s going on, and an explanation into why we’ve been sporadic with updating recent releases.

As some may know, we are the only two authors on the site. Just us, nobody else. And we’re fine with that, we have a system between the two of us. We each have groups that we are “in charge of,” so when it comes to releases, we don’t have to worry about fighting each other to post the albums.

That being said, since it is just the two of us, sometimes when we’re both busy, we don’t have an opportunity to post right away, thus leading to delays. We’re both adults with jobs, and that can get in the way of posting promptly when releases typically come out at either 12AM or 5AM EST.

We just wanted to take an opportunity to explain briefly why sometimes it may take us at minimum a few hours up to a week to post releases. We’ll do our best to catch up, and if there’s ever anything we miss and don’t catch, feel free to email us a request!

Thank you for still visiting us and supporting us. We’re glad to be of service and hope we can keep providing you with accurate codings and translations!

– Bri & Breezy

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