xikers (싸이커스) – The TRICKY’s Secret

Female Voice


Long, long ago, 
With the appearance of mankind,
Something that would cause a rift 
in the world emerged with them. 
‘It’ lived among the people,
worshiped for its mysterious powers,
and hated for its unceasing whims. 
‘It’ existed as a constant fear.
A force that would destroy the world.
Humans began to wonder whether 
‘It’ was good or evil. 
‘It’ instilled an overwhelming 
desire to dominate the world.
‘It’ fostered reckless courage to make them 
self-destruct as heroes.
‘It’ gave children abilities beyond 
what they could bear,
and prospered in the chaos.
‘It’ exists within us without any reason, 
purpose, or rules. 
We call ‘It’ TRICKY.

English: genie.co.kr
Color Code: Bri


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