TEM (4TEN) – Who’s That


You know its TM

My name is TEM representing 4TEN
Watch me kill the beat imma murder this track
ajik ansimeun illeo baby nah shit
Who’’s that who’’s that baro naji

nuga jinjja hiphap mildangnyeo?
geogi meongcheonghan nomdeura nal bangyeo
molla bwatdamyeon garakkyeo ni angyeong
seonsaeng? pillyohamyeon angyeo
eonni pume modu imma show you now come here
There’s no doubt about it gonna kill it get it time to do it

tto nan representing JUNGLE imma make it rumble
Don’t get it wrong always gotta be humble
You know what I mean if you don’t I mean
i raebeun naega juneun seonmur