R.I.P to Ladies’ Code EunB & RiSe

The entire staff here at Color Coded Heaven would like to extend our condolences and prayers to the families of EunB and RiSe of Ladies’ Code. It was revealed that they had passed away due to injuries sustained during a recent car accident. We hope that Ladies’ Code and Polar Entertainment can pull through during this tough time and we here hope that their family can find peace within their passing.



3 thoughts on “R.I.P to Ladies’ Code EunB & RiSe

  1. R.I.P EunB and RiSe 😦 They were too young to die , they were talented, they trained hard to debut … Seing their happy moments is even sadder. It was also really sad to see her banana toy at the accident.

  2. R.I.P EunB and RiSe these girls were beautiful, talented, amazing, and hard workers fly high angels ❤️

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