SITE UPDATES (as of 3/10/21)

Hello, Bri here!

I’d like to take a moment to discuss/explain some changes on the site that are taking place currently, just to avoid any confusion!

  1. Back in August 2020, our website was unfortunately hacked and completely taken down. We were able to recover it within a week, however because of what happened, all our posts and pages were removed. I spent months restoring every single post and page, and afterwards, came to a realization that many categories had been deleted and posts were all uncategorized. Everything is mostly fixed at this point, but sometimes I come across posts that are categorized in only their language but not their group. If you happen to notice any, feel free to comment here anything that needs fixing!
  2. We updated our layout quite some time ago to support posting the Korean/Japanese/Chinese as well as romanizations (as we’ve always done) and the translations. As such, I have to update EVERYTHING to the new format which is rather time consuming, since there are always going to be new releases. So please be patient as I slowly change formats ^^
  3. On top of changing the post formats and adding everything, we have also decided to revamp the colors we’ve been using for groups. All groups will be getting revamped with new colors, so if you notice any posts that aren’t the same colors for a group (for example, SEVENTEEN), I promise everything will be uniform soon!
  4. As I am going through and making these updates, I will be updating any mistakes in codings that I find so, if you’ve ever commented and no one’s gotten back to you, I promise I see and hear you and mistakes will be corrected in the near future!
  5. I forgot to add this earlier but: because the site had been deleted, having to add posts back to their categories has messed a lot of the post orders up within the categories. For example, if I go into the GOT7 category, posts from 2018 show up before their more recent ones which doesn’t make sense. To make it easier to fix, me and Breezy decided to edit all posts dates to match the date of release (mostly older posts). So, posts that say 2007 for example will exist. But, that’s only for organization. Our site was not founded that early, it was founded mid 2012. I just wanted to address that just in case!
  6. I have recently made the discovery that the backs of Red Velvet photocards are different than what most people use as their colors. Irene’s color appears to be more of a rose red and the shades of everyone else’s are different too. I will be changing their colors as I find these colors to be more official as of now since SM is using them as photocard backs. Irene’s hair in debut era was actually closer to rose red before it faded to light pink, as seen by concept photos.

Thank you all for visiting supporting us here at CCH! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment here or email us over at

Thank you!