B.I.G – Boys In Groove (비아이지)


Debut: July 8th 2014
Agency: GH Entertainment
Members: J-Hoon, Benji, Gunmin, Gookminpyo, Heedo
MV’s: Hello, Are You Ready?, Between Night N Music, Taola, Aphrodite
Fanclub: Beginning



Stage Name: J-Hoon (제이훈)
Real Name: Im Jeonghun (임정훈)
Birthday: July 15, 1990
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 5’8″/136lbs
Blood Type: O
Position: Leader, Vocal, Rap, Dance


Stage Name: Benji (벤지)
Real Name: Bae Jaewook/Benjamin Bae (배재욱)
Birthday: May 3, 1992
Nationality: Korean-American
Height/Weight: 6’0″/158lbs
Blood Type: B
Position: Main Vocal


Stage Name: Gunmin (건민)
Real Name: Lee Gunmin (이건민)
Birthday: October 4, 1994
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 5’9″/141lbs
Blood Type: AB
Position: Vocal, Dance


Stage Name: Gookminpyo (국민표)
Real Name: Gook Min Pyo (국민표)
Birthday: November 15, 1994
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 5’8″/125lbs
Blood Type: O
Position: Rap


Stage Name: Heedo (희도)
Real Name: Yoo Heedo (유희도)
Birthday: April 22, 1996
Nationality: Korean
Height/Weight: 5’10″/132lbs
Blood Type: B
Position: Rap, Maknae

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